8 Steps To A More Successful Music Career In 2013 (Music Industry How To)

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  7. If you give people a way to contact you after a show as well A business card leading to your website, flyers etc then gigs will be one of those all round beneficial tools for your music career. Continuing on from the marketing side of things, in the broad sense, there are two places you can market your music: Online and offline. Both are just as important as each other, and both should be used if you want to maximize your chances of musical success in When it comes to online marketing, there is one thing you need to set up more then anything: Your own website!

    How to Set Up Your Music Career Like a Business

    Having your own music website will mean you can lay it out how you want for better conversions. The list, as they say, goes on. Ok, so those are the first four things you need to do to have a more successful music career in Read the below 4 points to get a full picture of what needs to be done to make your year:.

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    The comfort zone. A area we feel safe, and are happy to operate within. Not already trying to get gigs? Not already offering your music to fans as a paid product? Are you instead giving it all out for free? I often work inside of my own comfort zone, even though I know doing more will help progress my life in all different areas too.

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    Well, no more!! Some of these things relate to this website Music Industry How To, so expect some cool changes in the coming months that will have the site helping you more then ever before. Building a mailing list is one of the best ways to get the contact details of fans, and build up a relationship with them That part of the process being called email marketing. Think of all those people who visit your site, listen to your music, like what they hear, then move on and search for the next thing for keep them busy for a few minutes.

    You can then use this email address to build up a relationship with these subscribers, let them know about any show dates, and generally make your relationship with them more then just a passing one. And as most people check their email address on a daily basis, you will get a lot more people seeing your messages then say a Facebook or Twitter update. You can read about how to set up your mailing list here.

    As I mentioned briefly in point 5, a lot of musicians feel uncomfortable asking fans to pay for even a percentage of their music. I say you pay for them to listen because you still have to pay for studio costs, equipment, travel costs, getting your music to them via physical CDs or online distributors, and the like.

    The truth is, your music career is a business. Who knows, they may even get a few buyers interested in your music, or even turn into a buyer one day themselves.