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Based on no spoilers for season five. Tried to write this where it doesn't glorify Leonard, but explains any and all anger he may have next season. Dinner Date by Rainey13 reviews A "missing scene" from the Season 3 episode "Deadline" - Diana and Neal consider what their double-date dinner really meant. Stubborn by kittycat69 reviews Oneshot. Or you could be hit by a bus or I could get shot! Then what, Auggie?

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Was your stupid fight worth it? The problem is, he's not entirely sure what to do with it.

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Needless to say, it pretty much turns his world upside down. Includes interaction with all, or nearly all, of the characters. While everyone else is celebrating the day's victory, Martha is in a state of internal conflict over having finally met Rose Tyler, the woman who was always more important than herself. Could Rose possibly relate? Girlfriend by funnywithachanceofmurder reviews Short tag to the finale last night.

Michael reflects on his relationship with Fiona, and when exactly her title changed and she became his girlfriend. Little did they know, she played the right string. Little did they know how right she was. Sometimes I Forget by gilraenstar reviews one for Sam! Opposites Attract by fembuck reviews Jules needs to go on the road to help catch an escapee and when she and Erica end up rooming together things take an unexpected turn. Thus, with a Kiss by Trish47 reviews Complete. He was in the habit of caring for himself last.

Graphic Sex, Language. Slightly AU, due to event. No copyright infringement is intended. During 3. Prentiss - Complete. Heartbeats by Bond. Jane reviews What's between them stays between them.

Unless we feel the need to put it into a story. The events between Hole in the Heart and Change in the Game. Brennan, S. Booth - Complete. Peace by Victoria LeRoux reviews After Strickler, before season four, Michael and Fiona enjoy one night of quiet peace, a night full of things they can never have.

Just some Miona fluff, with mild cheese on top. Stupid by Yellowfur reviews Troy knows he's stupid.

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He can tell because of the stupid actions and stupid thoughts that he can't seem to stop. Maybe he'll stop them one day, just for Abed, and for no one else Rated T for swearing and mention of suicide. Late Night Rendezvous by wicked-nachos reviews In the month's following the death of Emily Prentiss, Jennifer Jureau receives a number of late night phone calls in which she is greeted with silence and few words.

Prentiss and Rossi overhear. Implied slash, not to be taken seriously. Reid, P. Garcia - Complete. Since Dexter is not normal, he has to work harder at smiling and fitting in. Lost Pleas by AlexAugust reviews What happens when comfort for one becomes pain for another?

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A short one-shot about the end of an affair. Full of angst and unhappy feelings of a romance that was a romantic idea and a hurtful reality. Done from Remy's point of view. House, M. She Beat the Shadows Back by sablize reviews and danced between raindrops. Something draws her to him - something always has - and she'll protect him until the end of the universe. Warning: angst like whoa. Craquelure by AQotL reviews "He began to wonder if a thread in the tangled web that made up Neal Caffrey somehow led all the way back to Burbank, California.

False Faces 'verse. Casey vs Island Hopping by ms. It's always been two choices for con men - the Big Score or the Big House. The third path - true love - is the biggest con of all. If given the choice, would Neal choose the Big Score?

Vampire Sex, Demon Abortions and ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’

Or would he try for that elusive third path? Short one-shot fluff piece. Based on a conversation where we decided that the old couple sitting in the coffee shop during the BIOTA argument were actually Kurt and Blaine from the future. Slightly better with the pictures I used with it on tumblr. In which Kurt and Blaine make out, keep getting interrupted, and Blaine ends up on the floor.

The Stag Convergence

A lot. Hotch and Garcia have a chat. Well, Garcia talks, Hotch listens and redirects. Considering the Alternative by egoofy34 reviews This is what I would have loved to have seen after last Wednesdays Criminal Minds episode. What really happened after JJ told everyone Emily was gone. Ellie Versus the Bridesmaids by Imagination-Parade reviews Sarah calls her bridesmaids together for a little virtual dress shopping in Castle. Spending a day with the CAT Squad causes Ellie to learn a little more about the spy life than she ever wanted to know.

Exception to the Rule by allstoriesintheend reviews The Doctor finally trusts someone enough to tell them all about Rose.

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Touched by his story, the redhead takes it upon herself to reunite the lost lovers, even if it does mean crossing universes, and reopening the cracks Sooner Surrender by queenofthelooneybin reviews Sweets has been reunited with his sister. Zach opens his heart to her. But no one ever said getting to happily ever after was easy. Sweets, Zach A.

Possessed mannequins. Spaceships falling from the sky. Over the course of three mornings in , John Watson begins to suspect that perhaps spending Christmas in London isn't the best of ideas. A day after the events of "Front Man," Neal and Peter react in unexpected ways. Chuck Versus the Birthday Test by Imagination-Parade reviews Sarah says all she wants for her birthday is a quiet day at home with Chuck.

She ends up with a birthday filled with surprises, boxing, candles, and a couple of guns. Ebb and Flow by DragonWolfStar reviews Neal always knew he'd have to leave, but he'd gotten comfortable anyway. Peter catches up with him before he goes, and learns something new about the ex-con. Living Conditions by SweetChi reviews The apocalypse is over, the world is safe and Dawn's looking forward to her first year at Stanford.

Sex with Easy Truckstop Girl - Unexpected Scene - Dexter

Unfortunately, Buffy is having trouble letting go, prompting Dawn to seek a distraction for her overprotective sister to focus on. Enter Sam Winchester. Ask Me No Questions by cj reviews Maura had promised herself that she wasn't going to ask Peter understands. Color of the Business by DragonWolfStar reviews Peter remembers why it's always a bad idea to indulge his curiosity around Neal. Sequel to Paint Me a Portrait.