Life After Forty

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Make sure you stop believing these 20 sex myths right now.

What You Need to Know About Sex in Your 40s | The Healthy

You may see myths that claim that older women lose their ability to orgasm, but experts say that women over 40 may find more pleasure in sex than they ever did before. Blame hormones for the fact that sex gets a whole lot drier after Invest in lube—and some doctors will recommend estrogen cream applied to the area to help with dryness. Sexually transmitted infections STIs may seem like a worry for somethings, but research by the Centers for Disease Control show that the numbers of people over 40 who develop STIs continues to rise.

So even if the chances of pregnancy are slim to none, using condoms with a new partner is key for your health. Check out this list of 9 body changes that occur when you stop having sex. During the 40s, men may start to have erectile issues. Before relying on erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra and Cialis, men should look at lifestyle changes that can improve their sexual health.

Why Men Act Strangely After 40

At a funeral wake last year, my mum introduced me to a church friend of hers and I bit back the word "uncle" just in time as I took in his unlined face and dark hair. She laughed. I'm now on the receiving end of the "auntie" label, and not just as a greeting uttered by children. Once, after I expressed my weakness for kueh lapis with prunes, a younger colleague made a face and delivered a damning verdict: "That's so auntie.

Establishing a regular sleep schedule

To this day, I'm not sure what gave me away. Was it the kueh lapis or the prune bit? I'd been too surprised - and hurt - to ask. But while standing at the supermarket check-out line the other day, I struck up an easy conversation with a woman behind me, who had spotted four packets of blueberries in my shopping trolley. We proceeded to look over the contents of each other's trolley and swop information on the best buys that week.

So bit by bit, I am making new discoveries beyond the usual sprouting of fine lines and grey strands that sound the death knell over my youth.

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The radio station I once skipped for its unfamiliar oldies now plays songs that I grew up with, only they have been rebranded classics. I've grown used to scrolling down, down and then down some more for the correct year when filling in my date of birth for various online services.

Life begins at 40: the biological and cultural roots of the midlife crisis

It no longer feels right for me to be fangirling over the latest crop of Hollywood and Hallyu leading men, seeing that many of them are at least 10 years younger. I can't bring myself to use texting shorthand like "idk" and "imho" either, because it connotes a certain lazy, carefree flippancy that I'm too old and proper to feel.

Now I want women to train for the special duties which may devolve upon them in war time.

Death begins at thirty, that is, deterioration of the muscle cells sets in. Attention to diet and exercise would enable men and women to live a great deal longer than they do today. The best part of a woman's life begins at forty. What special duties Mrs.


Parsons had in mind, stationed as she was in Chicago, isn't clear. The paper was good enough to include a graphic of the dynamic couple, demonstrating their method in action, so you can give it a try and see if it works. Life expectancy has continued to move on and forty now seems no age at all.

In , the New York Times printed this opinion:. All our age benchmarks, which used to seem solid as rocks, have turned into shifting sands.