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He last fought July 18 in Malaysia. Comments Share your thoughts. Related Posts.

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Often training begins at the age of seven or even younger, as fighting is often the only hope a child has for making any money or even eating regularly. Many families in poor, rural areas encourage their children to fight to eke out a living for themselves and for the family.

Muay Thai Fighters

Injuries are common and are considered simply a part of training. Only those who manage to attain a professional, championship level of skill can make a good living but due to such high injury rates, careers are often short. However, in Thai culture, Muay Thai is much more than a fighting style. It is a spiritual practice and a way of life.

Muay Thai is closely linked with Buddhism, and the martial art itself emphasizes values such as respect, humility, self-control, and compassion. One unique element of Thai fight culture is the prison fights. Select inmates are given the opportunity to win their freedom by participating in Muay Thai fights against other inmates or foreign fighters. One true story is of English boxer Billy Moore who was imprisoned in the infamous Klong Prem prison and granted freedom after a series of fights. However, the sport did not take off the same way taekwondo and karate did at the time.

This may have been due to a lack of qualified instructors to help advance the sport in the US. Photo by Aristotle Labiaga. A wide variety of punches, elbow strikes, knee strikes, kicks, and foot thrusts are used. Foot thrusts are quick jabs with the foot used to control distance or knock an opponent off balance.

Clinches and defense moves such as blocking and evasion are also used. This may be in part because Muay Thai kicks are executed with a straight leg, using the lower part of the shin as the point of contact. When executed correctly and at full strength, the resulting impact is comparable to being hit with a baseball bat. Photo by Adam Grant. It is not uncommon for serious Muay Thai students to make a pilgrimage to Thailand to train and study.

While finding a qualified Muay Thai instructor is becoming easier than it once was, it is still important to choose your instructor and gym wisely. At the very least, your trainer should be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the sport. Keep in mind that while Muay Thai is a martial art, there is no belt system.

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Belt ranking as it is seen in other martial arts is considered by Muay Thai practitioners to be only a Western practice. However, this may be changing. Much like how taekwondo was standardized in Korea and spread worldwide, there is a movement to standardize Muay Thai in an effort to increase participation and popularity around the world, as well as give the sport structure for both students and instructors. This may include the introduction of belt ranking along with instructor certification. However, this has yet to come to pass. There is no uniform so you can wear whatever you would wear to work out at the gym.

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Professional Muay Thai fighters are often seen wearing arm bands during their fights. These grew from a tradition of tearing a piece of fabric from the clothing of a loved one to wear during a fight.

Muay Thai Versus Shaolin Kung Fu Monk

Photo by Kelsey Tucker. As with any physical activity, there are certainly safety issues.

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However, if appropriate safety precautions are taken and training is conducted by a qualified instructor, the risk for head trauma and brain injury is greatly reduced. When considering Muay Thai for your child, it is imperative to ask prospective instructors if head contact is allowed and if so, at what age or level of training.

Also be sure to ask what protective gear is used. While adults practice Muay Thai without head protection, instructors may recommend head protection for children. Practicing Muay Thai provides a full body workout like no other. It also strengthens the mind and builds confidence. Whether you are training for competition, fitness or self-defense Muay Thai has something to offer everyone. About the author: Holly Layman is a writer based in Southern California. She holds a first degree black belt in taekwondo. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Men would train, show up, get matched, and fight.

Women mostly watched from the sidelines at these shows.

But women are humans and animals, I train at What is Sambo?