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Send message Please wait Please help me understand. Ha, Shannon. The Star 2. Daughter of Air. Thank you for your wonderful website! Ive recently been re-introduced to Tarot from back in the day when a single tarot book was my only source of information. I was really intrigued by this spread and the results were very accurate and quite beautiful. Nine of fire and the Hierophant. Made me smile? It feels almost magical to me…and a bit creepy, LOL! My question is should you always read the card in reverse when it is turned that way? Or only for specific layouts?

Also this is the first time I have pulled the wheel of fortune and I had a hard time interpreting it, can you give me some insight?

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Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts! I have a question about how to deal the spread. Do deal the card out from right to left or left to right? Although I used the Starseed Tarot in the traditional they would be: 7 of Cups for the Past 1 card, Ace of Wand for 2 Present challenge, and the Emperor 3 for Most important lesson learnt in past life. However this last card, the Emperor was Reversed, so I take it that the lesson is to challenge the accepted way of thinking, and not to be dominated by male authority.

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I am correct in this interpretation I wonder? I have recently been looking though things about past lives and have had some interesting and a bit disturbing happen to me. I dreamed about a past life a day ago and after much thought i believe is really is. Then it was almost like my body threw me out of the trance. And before i found your spread a tried to do a reading on her and for the most part it connected pretty well and to me now. Have you heard of anything like this?

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I want to learn more about her me? Hi Kate, I am new for tarot reading. I have bought the card of Rider Waite. Today I am very exited to know about my result. I had spread 3 cards of whole day. Can you tell me please that what the spread tell us. I will thankful to you. Hello Kate, first I want to say how you much I have learned from you. Your an amazing teacher and i wanted to thank you! I hope that I have him the right info.

I told him his pride was in the way and was stubborn with accepting things from others, be it emotionally or advice, etc. I also said that he seemed dissatisfied with himself, like he was putting himself.. The other two were temperance and page of swords.. Love and light, Tara. You have and are doing a wonderful thing I am so happy I was drawn to your page.

Hi Tara! I think you interpreted the 4 of cups perfectly! It can also signify being bored easily and perhaps feeling dissatisfied with life, but not really doing much about it. Was i ill in my past life?

Id love to hear what you think Thanks xx. Hi Ian, I saw your question here, and I thought maybe I would take a shot at helping you discover the meaning.

The 4 of Swords is about taking a break, and getting a much needed rest, separating yourself from a difficult situation, making a clean break, and looking at problems from a distance. Do you have issues with resting or taking breaks from work, or things you are involved in?

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