Pediatric Vaccination - a (provax) pediatricians perspective

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Thomas and Margulis advocate for a measured and evidence-based approach to childhood vaccinations, comparable to vaccination schedules present in Scandinavian countries. Assistant professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Martha Herbert, Ph.

Thomas and Margulis are not anti-vaccine, by any stretch, and they clearly stand for safeguarding medical freedom. Parents know their family history and unique circumstances that government officials are not taking into consideration and that may make vaccination more risky. I agree. My position is forged both by study and experience. Consider these two contrasting personal experiences. I shift my then month-old son into a more comfortable position in his carrier as I answer more questions. I fill out a variety of forms.

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Then, it hits me — I should ask about vaccines. Yet, I want to space some of them out. I want to go more slowly than the CDC guidelines stipulate. Her brow furrows. For a moment, I see myself through her eyes: a baby-wearing, self-educated, thinks-she-knows-better-than-the-doctor, breastfeeding mom.

I should have asked about vaccines on the phone because their approach is a dealbreaker for me, too. He is 4-and-a-half. As part of his required school forms, my son needs a medical exam. He also needs a form stating that he is fully up-to-date on his vaccines or has an exemption from this stipulation.

This exemption can be medical or religious.

The medical exam goes well. My son is very healthy, gratefully. We are nearly up-to-date on all of our vaccines. I also want to read more about the chicken pox vaccine, in particular. I want to read more research on an associated increased risk of shingles that present in the teen years. Again, I favor a measured, deliberate approach. I really like our current pediatrician. He draws upon nearly three decades of experience. In short, we found a good medical match. The nurse steps out of the office and sits by my side in the waiting room. It was shocking, scary, and a life-changing experience.

But the risk is very small. I never imagined any child I inoculated would be harmed. I only saw my actions as helpful. It was an undeniable reaction. He was harmed by a medical practice I had never questioned and this changed me. It changed our office, too. Again, I nod my head and then I look up at her. And we are interested in practices that minimize this risk. I am grateful for her willingness to share her story. To the extremes on the pro-vax side, I'm anti-vaccine because I support choice.

To those extremes on the anti-vax side, I'm ardently pro-vaccine. Upon reading the above story contrasting two very different pediatric offices, consider your response.

Why Worry About the Unvaccinated? | Shot of Prevention

Would you prefer medical professionals keep a distance or share their personal stories regarding child vaccines? What if you hailed from another developed country with a more measured and, perhaps, more evidence-based approach to vaccinations? Which standard of practice would empower you as a parent?

I felt belittled and disregarded in the first office. The nurse sitting at a desk behind a window quickly dismissed me. There was no willingness in considering that perhaps my interest in judiciously and slowly vaccinating my son may be wise. They had an all-or-nothing approach with regard to CDC guidelines. In the second office, I was treated kindly and my rights as a parent to make informed medical decisions were respected. Furthermore, one of the nurses came out of the office to sit and share with me a personal story — parent-to-parent, mother-to-mother.

My son is vaccinated and I acknowledge vaccine science has saved hundreds of millions of lives. I even join the majority of Americans in supporting mandates for vaccines in schools. According to a Pew Research Center poll released last month, 82 percent of Americans believe schools should mandate vaccination of healthy children against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella MMR. Clearly, a strong affirmation of the utilitarian ethic and a trust in the medical community to honestly safeguard the best interests of our children are at work here.

While I have no problem with schools establishing vaccine guidelines, I support the rights of parents to opt out of such mandates by way of religious or philosophical exemptions. Aluminum is in soil due to pollution and chemical fertilizers which are unhealthy already and, yes, go ahead add more to already overloaded little bodies then say it does not cause all those health problems nearly all kids have now days. I am personally yet to see a single healthy child besides few unvaccinated I personally know. You can argue you point of view as much as you want.

You did not tell me anything new and gave me no solid prove so far and I did not see one yet from anyone. I am pretty sure you are working for pharmaceutical company or what ever agency surfing blogs and comment with usual propaganda. I am brining up totally different subject and you constantly steering me in different direction I guess you have it written down what to say. Is it so difficult to understand what I am saying? Did not we advanced technologically and scientifically yet? Is there might be better way to prevent disease or vaccines can be made cleaner and safer?

Are we supposed to close our eyes and pretend nothing is happening and should not demand a better medicine? Which website? The one with over ten thousand papers? Since when do they add feldspars to fertilizers? It is the most common metal in the soil. Fertilizers use nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur and several other elements in smaller amounts.

The Vaccine Truthers: why parents shun life-saving shots

None of them aluminum. The amount of formaldehyde in a body is much more than any vaccine. Then speak intelligently about the vaccines, and offer real information and evidence on how to improve them. You would have posted real citations to support your statements and not cherry pick one study out several thousands. I suggest before you try to educate us some more that you take a basic chemistry and biology class.

This would help you figure out what is real evidence and hopefully prevent the terrible errors that you have posted. Again, if you wish to discuss this intelligently, then post the studies that show the vaccine is worse than the disease. Mmom, Great post! I was damaged by vaccines too, the tetanus vaccine caused brachioplexal neuropathy, both arms paralyzed for two days and I later developed MS.

The journal Neurology ; published an article which found a 3. This article has lots more devastating evidence of the harm caused by the hepatitis-B vaccine, besides the countless thousands of cases of autism it has caused, including in my daughter. That was a heavily criticized paper :. Another limitation is that vaccination against hepatitis B is only recommended in England for certain high risk groups health professionals, travellers to endemic regions, patients with hepatic or renal dysfunction, prostitutes and drug addicts , which could not be representative of the populations included in the other studies.

Firstly, the average age at the time of the first symptom of MS was similar for subjects vaccinated and unvaccinated against hepatitis B. Secondly, the proportion of patients having developed MS in the 12 months after vaccination was close to that of controls 1. It does not help to cherry pick articles, and ignore others. Replications of Dr.

Wakefield and Dr. The Lancet ; Torrente F.

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Arch Venez Pueric Pediatr, ; Balzola, F. Walker, K. Hepner, J. Segal, A. Wrong, again. Replications need to be independent, so by definition they should not include Wakefield or anyone associated with him. Plus they need to have at least the same number of cases, the same vaccine and not include adults. This is from the Guardian, on the exoneration of Dr. A doctor has won his high court battle against being struck off over the MMR jab controversy.