Seduced By The Wolf (Werewolf Paranormal Erotica, M/f)

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Their destination is Innsmouth, Massachusetts. The team soon learns, though, that Innsmouth is one town that should have been left forgotten.

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As an omega, Woody Fry balances his wolf pack. Gus Goodwin witnesses a young man acting strangely at his occult shop—and a day later the same youth is found brutally murdered at a secluded Radical Faerie Sanctuary in the mountains. Gus and Niall Valentine, his private detective boyfriend, once again find themselves in the middle of a murder mystery—while their pasts not yet laid to rest put a strain on their relationship. Can love unite two lonely men and save Christmas?

Kade Colton is the Zeta, an historian and a chronicler, and a century older than nineteen year-old Randy. Then ex-members of the pack return, and one of them is the Tau, a spiritualist whom Kade despises. And a rogue coywolf pack tempts Randy to join them to be with his own kind. Can Randy and Kade have their happily ever after?

A hands-on lesson follows. Nothing is. Milo Blake and Jasper Reed are college freshmen and best friends.


Their shared passion is cars. An unexpected kiss makes Milo see his best buddy in a different light. So he offers Jasper a mutually beneficial tradeoff: the perfect car for Jasper, the full gay experience for Milo. Essential car parts in exchange for a wide range of sensual acts—and zero emotional complications. Both friends are in for the ride of their lives. Chasing after a beanie turns into a tumble down the rabbit hole for them both—science fiction style.

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They find themselves trapped on a tropical island in the middle of a strange ocean on an alien moon. The sole structure is a ruined temple devoted to the art of love. Flustered, confused, and unable to return home, they need to figure out a means of escape from a hostile jungle teeming with dangerous life-forms and equally dangerous temptations. He is forced to seek shelter out in the boondocks. But Sean harbors a dangerous secret that could get everyone around him killed. Add to that a tempting cowboy, a bunch of violent bullies, and a pinch of voodoo magic, and an explosive cocktail of epic proportions is ready to go off.

Charlie Dean and Will Tucker are childhood friends. At a party gone awry, Charlie makes a mistake, and now he must do some serious damage control. What place better than a shared sleeper cabin on a school trip by train. They both want to get their relationship back on track. But after secrets are revealed, their friendship can never be the same. Huck Cassidy is a cowboy at the Lazy L dude ranch. The two men happen to be mates. But a black beast stalks the midwinter night. Tom McAllister and Nick Corwin have always had a comfortable friendship.

It might mean making decisions that change pivotal relationships—or sever them. Sawyer learns that Ryan, his best friend, has sexy dreams about him—and that Ryan is a merman. What happens when Sawyer gets to decide whether to end their mating bond? High school best friends Toby Billings and Jim Maverick went their separate ways after graduation. Five years later, they meet by chance.

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Toby needs a ride, and Jim offers to give him one. They discover they have more in common now than they ever did before.

Other formats and retailers will be available soon. A year ago, supernatural creatures swarmed the earth—and ensured that human technology no longer functioned without them. Hardboiled Los Angeles PI Cain Noble encounters the mesmerizing Lily Lavender, who has the sultry voice of an angel—but who is really a young man named Riley who attracts trouble like a magnet.

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