The 2011 Verizon Strike: A fight for all workers!

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We tried to get local groups and local unions across the country to start adopting stores and be out in front of them. This is Verizon's big public face, this is where they're vulnerable to consumer pressure. Q: There's this idea that workers in unions are opposed to technological advancement, that they're stubbornly trying to maintain old economy jobs.

But in this strike it was the unions that called for Verizon to invest in its fiber optic technology. Master: The company always says these wages and these benefits and these work rules are relics of the era of the princess phone. They're antiques and we have to get rid of them. The first thing we say is, our members are building the most advanced fiber optic internet network in America so we are not antiques. Yes, we are serving, in New York state, almost three million people who are still dependent on copper lines. And those people deserve to have good phone service.

Despite the fact that Verizon doesn't want to be considered a phone company they actually are a regulated phone company. We're paying them the industry standard. Telephone systems have always been automated and so telephone strikes always take a while to actually have an impact on consumers. Ironically, despite the fact that we're dealing with even more advanced technologies now the impact has hit harder, faster. Partly because they've under-invested in the network for fifteen years, partly because they're completely understaffed. Partly because they no longer hire most of their managers out of the rank and file.

They hired them out of college and they have no skills and so they do things like make telephone poles fall on customers' houses and make telephone poles fall into street, and they cannot do FIOS installations. They're way behind. Customers are really mad. We're not Luddites at all. We're all about building more FIOS instead of buying some failed internet brand like Yahoo for four or five billion dollars or whatever they're going to spend on that. Create good jobs.

Give folks in Buffalo the opportunity to take advantage of the best internet service in the country. Q: It still comes back to the question of what the company's responsibility to the workers is.

Ongoing Coverage Of The Unions' Negotiations At Verizon -

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now investigating the incidents of damage to Verizon's network facilities. In one case, according to Young, on early Friday morning an act of vandalism knocked out communications to a Pennsylvania State Police Barracks in central Pennsylvania. Verizon's strike turned nasty, as the company sought more injunctions on Thursday against picketing workers.

Verizon Strike: Day One

In this file photo, workers rally outside Verizon headquarters in New York Aug. On Wednesday night , we will have a town hall meeting with every CWA steward in District 1 to outline our plan to fight this company. Verizon — the Poster Child for Corporate Greed — must never be allowed to destroy our future. Call your Local or ask your steward to sign up for this trip.

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Call a retiree and get a commitment that they will join the fight by joining the trip. We need every retired member to call your local. Contact your stewards to get instructions. Wednesday, October 12, They presented the Unions with a 75 page document that still includes:. No mention of a Wage Increase. Eliminate Benefits:. Eliminate the current health care, prescription, dental, and vision plans and offer plans with high deductibles and premiums. Active Employees - Annual. Require co-pays for X-Rays and labs. Retirees - Non Medicare Eligible - Annually.

Retiree - Medicare Eligible Annually.

Verizon Workers Plan to End Strike, Agreeing to Revive Talks Toward a Contract

Eliminate Other Benefits. The battle is far from over. The Company must hear us loud and clear. We cannot allow this Company to strip our contract. Wednesday, October 12, 7 AM. The Company presented a comprehensive counter proposal and your committee questioned the company to try to understand the intent of their proposal.

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  5. Verizon strikers are fighting for all of us.

We recessed late last night and will reconvene bargaining this morning to continue questioning the company on their proposal. We will provide additional information later today after a complete review of this proposal. Stay Strong - Stay United. Although, the Company expressed some interest in our proposals which were counterproposals to their original demands, they seemed to have no interest in returning jobs to the bargaining unit which was the foundation to our proposals.

Yesterday, the Company did say that they will continue to evaluate our proposals and have a counter proposal to the Union next week. CWA made a counterproposal to that proposal. We are fighting for jobs and our middle class standard of living. The Company has been stripping away our work and giving more and more work to contractors. We are fighting for those jobs and the return of good jobs to our communities.

As thousands of Verizon workers strike, does the power of unions hang in the balance?

We are fighting for the Middle Class. Our Fight is America's fight. Verizon wants to lower the bar for the American Worker. If Corporations like Verizon who are extremely profitable continue to lower the standard of living by cutting wages and benefits they will destroy the middle class.

Corporate Greed must be stopped. Our members are joining the millions of Americans across this country in this fight to stop Corporate Greed. We are here to negotiate a fair agreement that protects the union jobs we do now and increases the number those good union jobs so that our members will have the opportunity to grow with the company as it continues to grow. Our unions have negotiated contracts with Verizon, Bell Atlantic and their predecessors since before any of us started working here.

And we have changed together as well. Our members have never stood in the way of technological change. Our union has always advocated efforts to insure that our members worked to stay abreast of the ever changing telecommunications industry. But in recent years, this company has turned its back on its employees.

This company that we built together has taken its profits and headed off in new directions, to new products and technologies, and left behind the very workers that are responsible for its success. Since Verizon has cut 80, wireline jobs from its rolls through access line sales, segment spin-offs, layoffs, attrition and retirements. In the same time period, Verizon Wireless has added 23, jobs. The Union gave the Company a proposal on October 3rd which gave the Company a pathway to a contract. The Company needs to return to the bargaining table and begin bargaining by concentrating on the issues that will get a contract.

The company needs to take the path the union has outlined which will bring a fair contract to our members and their employees. The company needs to re-invest their profits back into the Company and their employees. This will be good for Verizon, good for the economy and good for America. A reminder our mobilization at Verizon Wireless and Apple stores is in full swing as the IPhone 4S is being introduced. We need to keep the pressure on Verizon and to continue to get our message out.

If you have not already volunteered to handbill at a store location please contact your steward and sign up.

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Your Regional Committee spent the afternoon presenting a series of comprehensive proposals covering healthcare, returning jobs to the bargaining unit, benefits, absence and job security. The Company committee had a few initial questions and is currently reviewing our proposals. We expect to meet with the Company to answer any additional questions they may have prior to receiving any counter proposals from them.

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  • Our mobilization at Verizon Wireless and Apple stores is in full swing as the IPhone 5 debuts tomorrow. Stay Strong - Stay United Mobilize!