Unholy Testament - The Beginnings (The Blackstone Vampires Book 2)

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Testament of Job- Pseudepigrapha

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Email Address. Author Sahara Foley. Skip to content. They had just left for a much anticipated vacation of relaxation in Spain. Thank goodness they had friends traveling with them to help her with this crisis. Other than losing a child, the death of your spouse is the hardest loss to overcome. I met Carole while I was floundering around in the thick mire of self-publishing.

Between Carole and Julie Northrup, they helped me find my way, and their words of encouragement have led me to where I am now. Probably on a Funny Farm. So, thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart. This post is my small way of showing my love and support for her through these dark days.

Please let her know how much you care by sharing my post or buying one of her books. As I was going through my reviews, I see I missed the 2nd book. I bought it, but it got buried in my kindle. I intended to bring them over slowly, but even our best laid plans go astray. Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

My tribute to Carole Gill

Not knowing the background of the characters may have influenced my review, but I feel this story does well as a standalone book. The story starts with Rose being held hostage on a ship bound for America by the evil, immortal being called Eco. Trying to win her love, he wrote a journal about his life and how he ended up the terrible evil creature that she knows. The majority of the book is from his POV, through his journal. This is a well-written, Gothic style of writing. The settings and events are well-defined, along with the characters. I even felt sorry for him.

But that all comes to a crashing halt at the end, when the story goes back to Rose and what transpires afterwards. What happened to Edmund and Daniel, the true victims in this tale, affected me more.

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Louis I saw as a self-righteous twit, with a God complex, turning people into the undead to justify his own existence. I thought the children were too weak for being vampires, probably due to be being smothered by Eve. The author did a great job getting me to identify with each them. The only complaint I have is the length of the book and the never ending sin and debauchery. It all started sounding the same, over and over. Halfway through, I found myself looking at the percentage read, thinking, are we there yet?

After I read the first book, I might have to update my review on this one. The Dominus is quite mad and plans revenge. The villagers will suffer. In Bristol devil worshippers are tortured and burned. The Dominus murders his partner and kidnaps a girl. A black mass takes place.

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There is torture and death. The Lord of the manor holds a Manor Court to investigate the frightening events. Prisoners must be taken to Bristol for trial by the church.

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They, and a rich treasure, must be escorted to Bristol. Satanists in Bristol, plan to fight for the treasure. There is a battle on the road.

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Many are killed, the treasure is lost. Located on haunted moorland, nothing is as it seems for the House and its inhabitants have hideous secrets. There is unimaginable horror there, and love too—love that comes at a terrible price. Eco, first seen in the previous book, has documented all of the sins he has committed during the course of his immortal life.

Trying to get Rose to forgive him, he forces Rose to read his journal by holding her children hostage. Vampiric orgies and satanic rites fill the pages of this book. All of the hideous secrets of Blackstone House are revealed. Every evil that Rose Baines was subjected to is closely examined, as are those who committed the worst sins against her.