With a Net: An Internet Memoir

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Faced with an avalanche of media requests, fan letters, and hate mail, she had two choices: Jump in and make her voice heard or step back and let others frame the conversation.

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After a crash course in social justice and more than a few foot-in-mouth moments, she realized she had a unique talent and passion for breaking down injustice in America in ways that could make people listen and engage. In her first book, Ramsey uses her own experiences as an accidental activist to explore the many ways we communicate with each other--from the highs of bridging gaps and making connections to the many pitfalls that accompany talking about race, power, sexuality, and gender in an unpredictable public space With sharp humor and her trademark candor, Ramsey shows readers we can have tough conversations that move the dialogue forward, rather than backward, if we just approach them in the right way.

About the Author Franchesca Ramsey is a social justice advocate, comedian, actress, writer, video blogger, sought-after speaker, and the host of the award-winning web series Decoded on MTV. A former writer and correspondent for The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore , she now has a major late-night television show in development with Comedy Central.

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No matter who you are, if someone wants to get your personal information, they will, and women much more often are the targets of this kind of exposure, assault really. The Internet started out of a sense of anarchy, complete freedom and anonymity, and I think all of those things are positive. Being anonymous allows people to express themselves more freely, but the sad part is a few bad players could deprive people of those benefits.

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If that were my business, I would not want to provide a forum for people to talk about certain things, which is the right of a business. They [Reddit] have had incidents like this in the past.

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The sense of autonomy and not paying people to moderate starts to bite back at you. Or something on camera with George R. Martin, who blurbed my book.

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